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  •           Publications (Books & Articles) by the Teachers

    Prof. Shahida Begum
    Associate Professor, Dept of Hindi



    Title of the Article

    Name of the Magazine

    Date of Publication


    ‘Ekaankee Kee Kuch baaten’

    Khanan Bharathi, Nagpur Maharashtra

    (Hindi bi-monthly

    May - 2008


    ‘Maadree Zubaan’

    Zarrin Shuwayaen,


    (Urdu monthly)

    March -2009


    ‘Hum bhee pade hain rahon me’

    Sadbhavana Darpan,


    June – 2009


    ‘Ek daali ke phool’

    Daily Hindi


    8th &9th

    Oct – 2009


    ‘Phool kee paththee aur here

     Kaa jigar ’

    Bazme-Adab,(Urdu annual magazine)

    Aligarh – U.P

    Jan – 2010



    Daily Hindi


    16th &17th



    ‘Adhunik Hindi Kahaniyo

     Me Janavadi Chetana ‘

    Khanan Bharati

    Nagpur Maharastra

    (Hindi bi-monthly)





    Annual magazine


    Jan - 2011


    ‘Pool Ki Patthi Aur Heere ka Jigar’


    (Urdu Monthly Maharastra)

    Jan - 2011


    ‘Bheegi Palkein’

    Collection of Short Stories (Hindi)

    Milind Prakashan, Hyderabad.

    Under Publication.

    She has submitted application for Minor research project in Hindi to UGC.



    Dr. Neelakantha N Manochar
    Associate Professor, Dept of English.

    An article published “Teaching English in motussil areas’’ in a collection of articles published by Shantha Nayak namely “Teaching English Through Literature’’.


    Associate Professor, Department of Political Science.

    Books Written :
    1. A short note on India’s Constitution.
    2. Kannada Version of the above book.



    Prof.K.B. Somashekaraiah
    Associate Professor, Dept. of Economics.

    Books Co-authored

    1.Development Economics,2006(Kannada Version):O.D.Heggade, M.H.Rangegowda and K.B.Somashekaraiah.
    2. Public Economics, 2007(K Kannada Version):O.D.Heggade, K.B.Somashekaraiah and M.H.Rangegowda.
    3. Mathematics and Statistics for Economics, 2007,2008,2009(KannadaVersion):
    4. Economics (Multiple Choice Question for UGC/SLET,Competitive and M.A. Economics Entrance Exams),2007(EnglishVersion)One of Ten Contributors
    5.World Trade Organization(WTO),2007(Kannada Version):O.D.Heggade, M.H.Rangegowda and K.B.Somashekaraiah.
    6.Managerial Economics,2008,2009(English Version):K.B.Somashekaraiah and M.H.Rangegowda.
    7.Management of Financial Resources, 2009 (English Version): K.B.Somashekaraiah and M.H.Rangegowda.
    8.Principles of Economics,2009(English Version): K.B.Somashekaraiah and M.H.Rangegowda.
    9.Nobel Prize Winner Arthur Lewis (Kannada Version): O. D. Heggade, M. H. Rangegowda and K.B.Somashekaraiah.
    10.Medical Sociology : O.D.Heggade, M.H.Rangegowda and K.B.Somashekaraiah and others.
    11. Nobel Prize Winners, Harry M.Markowitz and Daniel L.McFadden (Kannada Version) : K.B.Somashekaraiah.



    Articles Published

    1. State and Gender Empowerment –Issues and Policy Initiatives in Indian Context-O. D. Heggade, K. B. Somashekaraiah, M. H. Rangegowda: Empowering Women in India, Towards Gender Equality, March 2006, Editors: O. D. Heggade, L. D. Vaikunte, Ravi N. Kadam, Arjun Publishing House, Mysore.

    2. Health Manpower Planning-Literature Survey and Empirical Evidences: Human Resource Development and Management,2008,Arjun Publishing House,Mysore.

    3. Growth of Health Manpower in India : A Planwise Analysis – Journal of
    Development and Social Change, Vol.6, No.1 & 2, Oct-Dec,2008,Jan-Mar,2009,
    Arjun Publishing House, Mysore.

    4.State and Gender Empowerment-Issues and Policy Initiatives in Indian Context – O.D.Heggade, K.B.Somashekaraiah,M.H.Rangegowda: Journal of Development and Social Change, Vol.4,No.1 & 2, Oct-Dec,2006,Jan-Mar,2007, Arjun Publishing Housem Mysore.

    5. Prof. K.Shama Bhat
    Published an article in Kannada Daily Janatha Madhyama regarding “ Recent development in Banking “.



    CO-Editor / Guest Editor

    1. Liberalisation of Trade in Services and Social Clause under WTO Regime-A Research Volume, 2008,Arjun Publishing House, Mysore.

    2. Journal of Development and Social Change, Vol.5,No.3&4,April-June 2008, and July-September 2008,Arjun Publishing House,Mysore.


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